Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hot Flashes Symptoms, Causes and Useful Herbal Remedies

Hot Flashes are related with the term of menopause. It is among the most uncomfortable symptoms about which the maximum women make complaint. Estrogen replacement therapy is the most common medical treatment for this problem. These treatments are not curative but are very effective in stopping the flashes.

No clear cause of the hot flash has been found out. But few hormones may be responsible for the cause of hot flashes. The hormones FSH and LH are elevated during and after the menopause and this is the condition which is responsible for hot flashes. Medical professionals regard hot flashes as the result of deficiency of estrogen. This condition is triggered by a variety of stimulants like spicy food, hot drinks, stress, hot weather, intense exercise, especially lovemaking, tobacco or marijuana, anger, especially which is not expressed, hot tubs and saunas, acidic foods like pickles , citrus and tomatoes, alcoholic drinks which includes wine and beer, white sugar and many more.

During the condition of the hot flash, the flushes of heat sweep the body and often the face, the skin becomes reddish and it also promotes free perspiration. Sometimes the hot flash may occur for few seconds to four or five minutes, sometimes for 15 minutes and rarely for an hour.

Some of the common symptoms of hot flashes are heart palpitations, emotional uproar, night sweats, depression or headaches. To condition of hot flashes at night is called night sweat which is followed by the feelings of anxiety and terror.

Certain herbs are there which are very helpful in the treatment of hot flashes -

1. Black Cohosh is a popular herbal remedy for the treatment of hot flashes. This herb is a popular alternative for the hormone replacement therapy (HPT). These compounds reduce the effects of estrogen.

2. Wild Yam is another herb which is very effective in the treatment of hot flashes. The extract of wild yam contains isoflavones which help in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes and menopause.

3. A perennial herb known as Dong Quai is also very effective in the treatment of hot flashes. It reduces flushing and sweats, bladder weakness and vaginal dryness. Menstrual irregularities can also be controlled by the help of this herb.

4. An herb known as red clover is similar to wild yam. It contains isoflavones which is very helpful in the treatment of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and sweats, loss of sexual; desire and mood swings.

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High Cholesterol - 6 Useful Natural Remedies and Herbal Treatment

Usually cholesterol is produced in the liver and it is one of the essential ingredients of our body. 20-30% of the cholesterol is obtained from the food we eat. The measurement of cholesterol is taken in milligrams per 100 millimeters of blood. The normal range of the cholesterol varies between 150-200 mg per 100ml. It is also known as lipoproteins as in blood cholesterol occurs in combination with certain lipids or fats.

Cholesterol or lipoproteins are classified into two types -

1. Low density lipoprotein (LDL)
2. High density lipoprotein (HDL)

Low density lipoprotein is related with cholesterol deposits in blood vessels and it is also considered to be harmful. It may result into the problems like stroke, heart disease etc. whereas the high density lipoprotein helps to remove the cholesterol from the circulation and also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Some of the major symptoms of high blood cholesterol are excess fatigue and feel of uneasiness, pain and heaviness in the chest area, breathlessness and general fatigue.

Some of the major causes of high blood cholesterol -

1. Obesity
2. Genetic factors
3. Stress and over workload
4. Diseases like kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes mellitus and also due to hypothyroidism.
5. Intake of high fat diet can be a major cause of high BP.

It can be treated by natural home remedies. Some of the natural remedies to treat high cholesterol are given below -

1. Make a mixture by adding one tea spoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of honey in one cup of hot water. Drink this mixture daily in the morning if you want to lower your cholesterol naturally.

2. High serum cholesterol can also be controlled by intake of fenugreek seeds regularly. It is an effective natural remedy for the treatment of high cholesterol.

3. Take a glass of water and add 1 teaspoon of methi powder in it. Drink this solution for one month in an empty stomach. It is an effective natural remedy for the treatment of high cholesterol.

4. Increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin E like sunflower seeds, soyabean oils, butter, safflower and also the sprouted seeds and grains.

5. Take a glass of water and add two tablespoons of dry seeds of coriander and allow it to boil properly. Allow it to cool and strain the decoction. Take this decoction two times a day for lowering of the cholesterol. It is also an effective natural remedy for the treatment of high cholesterol.

6. Intake of onion juice is also very effective for the treatment of high cholesterol. It reduces the cholesterol, clean the blood and also regulate the heart.

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High Blood Pressure - Natural Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Heart pumps out the blood to all the tissues and organs of the body through the vessels called arteries. When the blood flows in the arteries with pressure it results into hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure. Normal measurement of blood pressure is 120/80 and when this measurement goes to 140/90 or above then this condition is considered to be high blood pressure.

There are many causes of blood pressure and sometimes it is the result of another disease. In that case when the root cause is treated the blood pressure returns to its normal position. This condition may be kidney disease which is chronic, pregnancy, dysfunction of thyroid, intake of birth control pills, addiction of alcohol, tumors and coarctation of the aorta.

Many factors, that cause high blood pressure is still unknown. But some factors that contributes to the cause of high blood pressure are age, race, overweight, hereditary, intake of excess sodium, use of alcohol, lack of exercise and also due to intake of certain medications.

Some of the major symptoms of high blood pressure are-blurred vision, Nausea, dizziness and constant headache. Sometimes the high blood pressure show no symptoms but cause progressive damage to heart, blood vessels and other organs. If the degree of high blood pressure is high then it requires immediate hospitalization. It is very necessary to lower the blood pressure to prevent stroke or brain hemorrhage.

Blood pressure can be reduced to a great extent through nutritional changes. It is necessary to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. It not only reduces our fat and cholesterol but also reduces the blood pressure with loss in weight also.

1. Restrict the intake of sugar, salt, refined foods, junk foods, caffeine, dairy products and fried products.

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Avoid food sensitivities

4. Increase the intake of fresh, whole, unrefined, unprocessed foods. It is necessary to include vegetables, fruits, garlic, onion, olive oil, cold water fish, soy, beans and whole grains in your diet. It will finally lower the blood pressure and weight is also reduced.

5. It is must to reduce the intake of sodium in your diet. It will help in reducing the blood pressure. This fact is known to almost every educated person.

6. Some herbal medicines also reduce our blood pressure.

7. To lower the blood pressure flaxseed meal is also a best option. Grind 2-4 tablespoon and take it daily.

8. Vitamin C, calcium and coenzyme are also recommended top lower the blood pressure.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Bleeding Gums Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

The sign of bleeding gums is related with infection of gum. It is the disease which is related with the infection of gum. In this condition of gum bleeding the gums becomes swollen which is followed by lot of loss of blood from the mouth during eating, gargling or brushing. This problem may develop mouth ulcers in the inner areas of cheeks or in between the teeth. Due to this problem a person may suffer from lot of pain during eating or while talking. Few more symptoms are there in the person suffering from gum bleeding. There may be redness on the inner cheeks and tongue, ulcers and the blisters, bleeding teeth and gums and there may be drooling at night. The cause of these problems may be indigestion, poor diet options and also poor oral hygiene.

There are lots of home and natural remedies to get rid off from this problem. You can also contact to a dentist to solve this problem.

Before following any natural remedy make a habit to wash your mouth after taking every meal. It is a common sense and a good hygiene and also reduces the pain to half.

Some of the common home remedies for bleeding gums -

1. Make a habit to drink lemon juice every morning after brushing your teeth. It will help the person to get rid from this disorder. This remedy will help to cure the bleeding and as well as swollen of the gums effectively. This remedy is also very effective in reducing the weight.

2. You can also add a pinch of soda in your tooth paste every morning. This will help in brushing away the ulcers and the blood which is lost during the night. Baking soda is very effective for reducing the problem of bleeding gums. It not only reduces the pain of the swollen gums but also reduces the amount of blood lost as well as makes our teeth to sparkle. To cure disorders related to the bleeding gums you have to maintain good oral hygiene.

3. You must floss after every meal. It will help in reducing the problem.

4. Make a solution by mixing salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Rinse your mouth with this saline solution every morning and in the evening. This home remedy is also very effective in reducing the problem of bleeding gums.

5. You must use the mouth wash which contain peppermint oil, sage oil, menthol or chamomile.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ADD - Information on Herbal Remedies and Natural Treatment

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a disorder which is related to minimally brain damaged. Now days it has been diagnosed with increased frequency. Its main features are hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Usually children and adults get affected by this problem. If anyone shows this type of symptoms than, he or she must contact to a qualified mental health professional. Usually ADD is a behavioral condition which is characterized by a span of poor attention and also it is accompanied by hyperactivity. In US approximately 4-6% of the population is affected by the problem of ADD. Children who are suffering from ADD suffers from behavioral difficulties in their school. Adult also suffers from frequent problems like memory and concentration. Children and adult also faces attention problems, mood disorders, motor problems, alienation and also the problem of addiction.

There are some of the major symptoms which are mainly related with the children. Though, an adult also faces with the same symptom suffering from ADD.

1. Inattentive in doing work which they are asked to do.
2. Habit of excess talking.
3. Habit of interrupting others
4. Difficulty in playing quietly.
5. Misplacing and losing their belongings.
6. Doing careless mistakes while doing schoolwork.
7. Not attentive or facing difficulties in doing task.
8. Squirming and fidgeting in seat.
9. Inefficiency in organizing tasks and activities.

Many children suffering from ADD does not respond to drugs as the drugs are full of side effects and they are not in a position to tolerate these drugs. Various therapies with supplements of diet are fruitful in the treatment of ADD. These therapies are occupational therapy, vision therapy and the treatment of allergies. Visual therapy improves the visual skill of a person and allows them to concentrate and pay attention without doing any careless errors. Occupational therapy enhances the dysfunction of the lower level senses which is related to alertness, touch, position and also the body movement. By occupational therapy the person suffering from ADD starts to pay more attention in hearing as well as in vision.

Change in diet, routines and checklists and also the natural supplements contribute towards the natural remedy of ADD. Refined sugar and the products containing it should be avoided. Restrict the use of junk foods, and all the foods that contain flavorings, artificial colors, yeasts or preservatives should be avoided. Routines and checklist are also very important for the children. Once they complete the checklist they must be rewarded for doing good job. In this way they may prevent the breakdowns.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Know the Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

With the advent of a number of ways to treat breast cancer, the hopes of survival are rising among the women suffering from this disease, with many making a comeback to the mainstream of life. But the responses to the various treatments depend largely upon the general health of the individual and the stage of the breast cancer. All forms of treatment of breast cancer is followed by some side effects that too varying with each individual. So it is always important to consider the side effects in discussion with the doctor and plan to manage those effects before the start of the treatment.

Treatments and their side- effects

Surgery - Surgical operations on breasts may lead to the change in the body weight, especially with women having large breasts. This leads to discomfort in the neck, back and shoulders. Sometimes a feeling of numbness in the chest, arm and underarm can be felt due to the damage of the nerves caused by surgery.

Due to the removal of lymph nodes under the arm, the flow of the lymphatic fluid slows down resulting in the swelling in the side of the body where it is operated specially in the arm and hand. This can lead to infection and cause serious complications.

There may be some pain, soreness and tenderness in the site of incision.

Radiation therapy - Due to this therapy patients suffer from fatigue within few weeks of treatment or after the treatment. They are advised rest, but some activities are also required to study their energy levels.

The skin may become red, dry and develop itchy sensation. It may also turn moist with the progress of the treatment. Sometimes the changes are temporary and go away after the treatment is over. In some cases there may be permanent color change of the skin that can be treated by application of creams.

Changes in the breasts are observed like firmer breasts, bigger breasts due to build up of fluids and smaller sizes of breasts may due to the radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy - Some temporary and long term side effects are associated with chemotherapy. Fatigue and severe nausea and vomiting are some common side effects of chemotherapy. Other temporary side effects include hair loss, diarrhea, mouth sores, bruises and bleeding easily. These effects go away after the treatment is over.

Hormone therapy - Due to this therapy the women experience almost the same effects of menopause like weight gain, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, hot flushes and night sweat.

Biological therapy - This is done by the application of certain drugs that are able to destroy the cancerous cells. Women in advanced stage of breast cancer may feel fever and chill, weakness, pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, difficulty in breathing. These effects are less severe after the initial treatment.

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Asthma - Causes and Useful Herbal Remedies

Asthma is a common respiratory disease that affects people of all ages, and if not controlled it can be chronic. This chronic disease is very common in US and the number of patients suffering from it is on the rise. Proper medications during the asthmatic attack must be administered at right time as negligence may lead to fatality of the patient. There is no definite cure for this chronic ailment but can be controlled through various medications and taking preventive measures.

This occurs due to the frequent inflammation of the air passages or bronchioles of the lungs and people face extreme difficulties in breathing. It is often followed by coughing and wheezing sound.


The exact cause of asthma still remains unexplained but there are certain risk factors that make a human being more prone to asthma. The main risk involves the combination of the genetic factors and the exposure to allergens that makes the condition of a person suffering from asthma more serious. Some allergens which are responsible for asthma are -

1. Pollens and dust mites in house
2. Severe air pollution
3. Smoking
4. Strong perfumes and some chemicals

Some other factors that trigger asthmatic attacks are -

1. Seasonal changes
2. Chilly weather
3. Viral infections
4. Certain drugs
5. Certain food items
6. Obesity
7. Hormonal changes during pregnancy
8. Emotional fluctuations
9. Heredity

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies used to be the only mode of treatment for asthma since early days as these remedies come almost without any side effects. Herbal remedies for asthma can be as powerful as any synthetic drugs and so these must be administered with utmost care with due consultations with health experts.

1. The roots of Licorice have been found effective in restoring the breathing by clearing the air passages.

2. Gingko biloba is a well known herb used to treat asthma as it works to inhibit the PAF (Platelet Activating Factor) which is responsible for inducing anaphylactic reactions.

3. The leaves of Adhatoda vasica acts as a bronchodilator and mild expectorant. It increases the viscosity of the mucous and helps in the expectoration.

4. Turmeric contains the chemical called Curcumin. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that reduces the inflammation of the respiratory tract in both acute and chronic condition of asthma, helping the patient to breathe properly.

5. Coltsfoot suppresses the cough and it has been used since olden days to treat asthma and various lung ailments.

6. The dried leaves and the flowering tops of Grindelia acts in reducing the Bronchospasm associated with asthma and bronchitis.

7. The root of Chinese skullcap prevents the release of histamines and reduces the hypersensitivity and inflammation of the air passages in asthma.

Preventive measures must also be strictly followed along with these herbal medications to control the asthmatic attacks.

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