Hot Flashes Symptoms, Causes and Useful Herbal Remedies

Hot Flashes are related with the term of menopause. It is among the most uncomfortable symptoms about which the maximum women make complaint. Estrogen replacement therapy is the most common medical treatment for this problem. These treatments are not curative but are very effective in stopping the flashes.

No clear cause of the hot flash has been found out. But few hormones may be responsible for the cause of hot flashes. The hormones FSH and LH are elevated during and after the menopause and this is the condition which is responsible for hot flashes. Medical professionals regard hot flashes as the result of deficiency of estrogen. This condition is triggered by a variety of stimulants like spicy food, hot drinks, stress, hot weather, intense exercise, especially lovemaking, tobacco or marijuana, anger, especially which is not expressed, hot tubs and saunas, acidic foods like pickles , citrus and tomatoes, alcoholic drinks which includes wine and beer, white sugar and many more.

During the condition of the hot flash, the flushes of heat sweep the body and often the face, the skin becomes reddish and it also promotes free perspiration. Sometimes the hot flash may occur for few seconds to four or five minutes, sometimes for 15 minutes and rarely for an hour.

Some of the common symptoms of hot flashes are heart palpitations, emotional uproar, night sweats, depression or headaches. To condition of hot flashes at night is called night sweat which is followed by the feelings of anxiety and terror.

Certain herbs are there which are very helpful in the treatment of hot flashes -

1. Black Cohosh is a popular herbal remedy for the treatment of hot flashes. This herb is a popular alternative for the hormone replacement therapy (HPT). These compounds reduce the effects of estrogen.

2. Wild Yam is another herb which is very effective in the treatment of hot flashes. The extract of wild yam contains isoflavones which help in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes and menopause.

3. A perennial herb known as Dong Quai is also very effective in the treatment of hot flashes. It reduces flushing and sweats, bladder weakness and vaginal dryness. Menstrual irregularities can also be controlled by the help of this herb.

4. An herb known as red clover is similar to wild yam. It contains isoflavones which is very helpful in the treatment of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and sweats, loss of sexual; desire and mood swings.

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