Child Obesity and Weight Loss Tips

Child obesity is very alarming in most of the developed countries. But slowly it is also becoming a part of the entire world. To prevent child obesity a change in lifestyle is required. Here in this article you will find some useful weight loss tips to combat child obesity.

Most of the parents know that children who eat breakfast do better academically and have fewer behavior struggles in school. But children however think and feel that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight or maintain an attractive weight. Just the opposite is true! Children who don’t eat breakfast tend to snack more, and they eat lunches and dinners that are higher in calories. It is important to make breakfast a priority, say health experts. Whatever be the excuse, kids need to eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast is a big problem. A lot schools give mid-morning snacks because children skip breakfast. It helps their attention span.

There are plenty of options for a nourishing and low fat breakfast that can be made in spite of a tight schedule. Ideally, the first meal of the day should provide almost one third of the nutrients the child needs until bed time. Protein, a carbohydrate and a fruit must be included as a rule. Scrambled eggs, cheese, yogurt, drinks, peanut butter are all favorite protein foods among children.

Cereal is the obvious choice for carbohydrates. Children will benefit from a brand that has 10 grams or less of sugar and 2 or more grams of dietary fiber per serving. Fiber provides the “full” feeling, so the child does not feel hungry soon. Instant oatmeal or a cold oat or whole wheat cereal would be a good option.

Children can be given toasted frozen waffles with pureed fruit or light syrup or a toasted English muffin. It will be hard for the children to get the recommended two to four serving of fruit a day if they don’t get a serving of fruit for breakfast. Something as simple as banana slices over a bowl of cereal or sliced strawberries in yoghurt can be prepared.

Physical activity is another important aspect to fight child obesity. Encourage your child to take part in outdoor sports. This will boost up the metabolism to burn more calories.

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