Natural Cures for Cataract, Causes and Home Remedies

In cataract the visual quality of the lens gradually degrades. Usually it occurs gradually with the increasing age. The natural lens of the eyes become extremely cloudy and block and also distort the light which passes through the lens. Though it is a very normal process and gradually occurs along with the normal process of aging but sometimes it occurs occasionally and rapidly. Many times people remain unaware that they are suffering from cataract also because the changes are so gradual that one cannot feel it. Usually cataract affects the both eyes at the same time but there may be difference in its advancement. It is very common problem especially for the old people. Nearly it affects 60% of the people over the age 60. When cataracts affect the people fully then they suffer from common complaints like difficulty in driving at night, participating in sports such as golfing, reading, travelling to unfamiliar areas and all the activities in which clear vision is essential.

Mostly water and protein constitute the lens. To maintain the clarity of the lens some specific type of protein is responsible. Over the years gradually the structure of the protein is altered and it leads to gradual clouding of the lens. Sometimes due to hereditary enzyme defects it may be present at the birth or in the early child hood. Some other factors which contribute to the development of cataract are diabetes, smoking, use of certain medicines and excessive exposure to ultraviolet-light.

Some of the natural cures and remedies for cataract are:

1. You can take a tonic called Zell Oxygen to repair the damaged cell. It is an antioxidant which is very powerful for regeneration program.

2. A complete natural product name Miracle II Neutralizer contains energized, stabilized, oxygenated water. It also contains minerals and energy which is beyond scientific measurement. It is very effective for cataract and it is used by thousands of people for its treatment.

3. In case of degenerative disease L-Carnosine is a major tool. After research it has been found that it is a natural and useful remedy for cataract.

4. According to homeopaths one of the most deep acting remedies for the treatment of cataract is Bamboo Tabashir. It also contains a traditional source of Natural Silica.

5. Intake of vitamin C is very helpful in reducing the affect of cataract. A supplement Acerola Cherry Extract is advisable for the person who smoke or the person who doesn’t receive adequate vitamin C in their diet.

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