How to Lose Inches of Fat Fast?

The most efficient way to lose inches of fat depends on decreasing energy input below energy expenditure. For this purpose most diets are designed to contain large quantities of ‘bulk’ which in general are made up of non-nutritive cellulose substances. This bulk distends the stomach and thereby partially appeases the hunger.

Your body is made up of muscle and fat. You must have a certain percentage of fat in order to survive. Of course, most of you have that percentage plus quite a few percentage points more.

What happens when you starve? First your body starts to use your fat stores and muscle stores for energy because you are not bringing in enough food to support life. Next, your body’s metabolism or the rate at which it burns calories begins to slow. Your body figures that it is not getting enough food to support life, so it better to start conserving what it has stored away so that it can survive.

Your body will conserve your fat and burn your muscle for the energy it needs. Muscle takes energy to preserve your body. If it can get rid of some of that muscle then it can conserve more energy. Second, your body thinks it does not need the excess muscle anyway because it is never put under a whole lot of resistance on stress.

You have eaten like a bird and done a ton of cardiovascular exercises and lost 10 pounds. But what have you done? You have lost (most likely) about 2 pounds of fat and 8 pounds of lean muscle. That is a horrible 10 pounds of weight loss. By losing muscle your metabolism is slower. Your body burns fewer calories. Then if you go back to a normal way of eating (instead of like a bird), you will get fatter faster!

So what should your real goal be? To lose the inches. Fat takes up four times more space than muscle. So how can you lose the inches? A combination of weight training with cardiovascular training gives best results. You must eat at least six small meals a day.

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