Natural Cures for Arthritis, Natural Treatments and Remedies

The word arthritis is related to pain, swelling, stiffness, deformity and also the restricted motion. It is a most common problem which affects the musculoskeletal system. People suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and also from the similar condition like gout, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis and lupus. The two most important types of arthritis which affects most of the people are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The arthritis which is caused by the wear and tear of the cartilage is known as osteoarthritis and the arthritis which is associated with the overactive immune system and result into the inflammation causing pain in the joint is called rheumatoid arthritis. It is an essentially joint inflammation and one of the most common chronic diseases which is known to man.

According to the form of arthritis we can identify the cause of arthritis. Different causes of arthritis includes injury which leads to osteoarthritis, hereditary factors, infections, metabolic abnormalities which includes gout and many other unclear reasons like rheumatoid arthritis.

In different people the cause, treatment, prognoses, complications are different. But all the people have same tendency to affect the ligaments, cartilage, muscles, joints etc.

It is a general opinion of the patient of the arthritis that it is not curable. There is no permanent cure for this disorder. Any medicine will give temporary relief from this problem. Usually people take aspirin types of medicine which in long run not only accelerate the progression of arthritis but also there are many side affects like headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, allergic reactions, dizziness etc. So it is advisable that medicine like this type should be minimized.

Instead of these medicines people must take the supplements which help in regenerating the cartilage. An important thing to thicken the cartilage is to follow the right condition in your life and food style. It includes and instructs to take a diet which is low acid diet that means it is necessary to avoid meat, tomatoes, coffee soda, refined flour etc. You must eat raw fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains in sufficient quantity. To remove toxins you must drink plenty of water. It is necessary as it replenish the cartilage, cushion, and removes the toxin. Enrich your diet with the supplements like garlic, primrose or flaxseed and bromelain. You must also increase the intake of vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, C, calcium, magnesium, manganese and silica. Pain due to inflammation is reduced by botanicals such as yucca and devil's claw.

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