Hair Loss Natural Home Remedies That You Ought to Know

Hair loss is not really a pleasant experience for anybody. Well, without hair look can take away much of your glamour quotient and confidence, which could be disastrous for many. For the same reason, people panic when they see some hair on the comb or on their towel. However, remember that worrying about hair loss could actually worsen the situation. Therefore, it’s time for us to check some of the home remedies which are extremely effective and free of side effects.

Create a mixture of one egg and ten drops of lemon juice, and apply this mixture on your scalp after applying an herbal shampoo.

Keep a habit of washing your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner at least two times a week; make sure that the conditioner is properly rinsed out from your hair. You could also prepare a natural conditioner at home, for this, take curd, amla and shikaki powder and mix them together to make the desired conditioner. Try this conditioner for few weeks, you’ll see positive results. Moreover, a massage like this will ensure a soft and silky hair too.

Hair massage is the next best solution to reduce hair fall. You could use aroma oil or rosemary oil for this purpose. Make sure that you do massage at least twice a week. You can also use natural Hair Loss Lotion - Hylix for better results.

Take these three ingredients: lemon, curd and mustard oil, and mix them together to make a paste which you can directly apply on your hair. Keep this paste on for half an hour; thereafter you can wash it off. You can keep your hair fall perfectly in check with this method; you should try this twice a week.

Next, boil some water and put few Hibiscus leaves in it, and add this liquid with lime juice. Try this mixture on your head just before shampooing. Hair fall and dandruff will be much in control with this method. You are advised to repeat this method twice a week for a positive result.

Next, you can prepare a hair tonic with amla. For this, put few dry pieces of amla in oil and boil it. The oil gets mixed with the amla extract with this process and your hair tonic is ready after boiling for a while. Apply this tonic on the dry scalp and rinse it after 2 hours.

You can also try the shampoos which are specifically directed for the type of your hair. In case of dry hair, rosemary or titri oil shampoo should do the good. When it comes to the oily type, rather stick to lemon or lavender shampoo.

To suggest a few simple methods, try vinegar or lemon to juice to wash your hair occasionally.

Let's see another simple effective method. Cover your hair with a wet towel, and keep it like this for ten minutes. In this case, the towel must be squeezed after soaking in mild hot water. Make sure that you do this on a daily basis for at least a week.

You can also reduce hair fall by some diet control; try to include more of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Last but not least, drink at least 12-15 glasses of water on every day. Find useful Home Remedies for Hair Loss.

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