Natural Cures for Lowering High Cholesterol, Home Remedies

The foods and the drinks which contain high fat contribute to the cause of high cholesterol. It is also caused due to high stress and alcoholism. When the cholesterol level is very high in the blood then it results into high blood cholesterol. It is not a disease itself but it may be the cause of specific diseases like cardiovascular disease. High blood cholesterol is related to enhanced levels of lipids (hyperlipidemia) and high levels of proteins (hyperlipoproteinemia).

There is no specific warning sign of high blood cholesterol but it plays an important role in cardiovascular disease and even it may lead to heart attack or a stroke. People live a healthy and smooth life even if they are diagnosed with high cholesterol. They don’t take this illness very seriously. If the levels of the cholesterol is not healthy then it may result into overweight, excessively, stress, age, smoking, heredity, poor diet and physical inactivity. This in turn will cause high cholesterol.

Many natural remedies are there for high cholesterol:

1. Take a cup of hot water and mix 1 teaspoon of ginger and two kinds of peppers directly into the cup. Mix and sheer it for five minutes. When it cools down add a spoon of honey in it. Take this solution two times a day one in the morning and one in the evening. Try to avoid the foods like dairy products, meats and the foods which are rich in dietary cholesterol.

2. Increase the intake of grapes as it has the quality to reduce the cholesterol. In the skin of the grapes there is a compound which helps in lowering the cholesterol. Like this carrot, apples and pectin also help in lowering the cholesterol. It reduces as well as removes it through the intestine and it prohibits our bloodstream to absorb it. Garlic is very good to reduce the cholesterol.

3. Many herbs are also very effective for high cholesterol. Many problems are cured with the help of the herbs. So you can go for herbal medicines to reduce high cholesterol.

4. Red yeast rice is very effective to reduce the high cholesterol. It cut the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. It acts similar to the drugs which are used to reduce the high cholesterol.

5. An ayurvedic herb known as Gugulipid which is an extract of Commiphora mukul is used in reducing the high cholesterol and also the levels of triglyceride levels in the blood.

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